Monday, July 23, 2012

Yesterday Stuff Update!!

It look nice or not? :)

I ate this for my dinner yesterday... :)

I went to the restaurant with my family, well ofcz I enjoy it a lot. Since it was seafood that I couldn't ate much. And to be truth I'm having indigestion after a few hour and it feels like my intestine were going to be vomited out.
I am an Art student :)

Done drawing it by 2 days,
Colour it by 3 days...
This is only 1/4

Apparently I am an art student at my school and I love drawing too. All I can say was drawing was my passion since I was small. Just that I've been able to show it out my talent these past few years. Well mostly I discover my desire towards drawing since 2009. Well stay tune and I might be keep on update with my art work.
Me and my perfect twins...

Sometime it is a good thing to be able to talk to someone. The problem is I keep on talking to myself and I'll find it funny in a weird way. So guys do help me in stopping my self-talking stuff by adding my up at FB or tweet me at Twitter...Or maybe my me2day...

That's all for today <3

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