Monday, July 23, 2012

Yesterday Stuff Update!!

It look nice or not? :)

I ate this for my dinner yesterday... :)

I went to the restaurant with my family, well ofcz I enjoy it a lot. Since it was seafood that I couldn't ate much. And to be truth I'm having indigestion after a few hour and it feels like my intestine were going to be vomited out.
I am an Art student :)

Done drawing it by 2 days,
Colour it by 3 days...
This is only 1/4

Apparently I am an art student at my school and I love drawing too. All I can say was drawing was my passion since I was small. Just that I've been able to show it out my talent these past few years. Well mostly I discover my desire towards drawing since 2009. Well stay tune and I might be keep on update with my art work.
Me and my perfect twins...

Sometime it is a good thing to be able to talk to someone. The problem is I keep on talking to myself and I'll find it funny in a weird way. So guys do help me in stopping my self-talking stuff by adding my up at FB or tweet me at Twitter...Or maybe my me2day...

That's all for today <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

한국에서 제일 좋아하는 음식!!!

농림수산식품부가 '한식세계화'를 추진하면서 '떡볶이'를 밀고 있습니다. 
그런데 저는 아무리 생각해봐도 떡볶이는 무리가 있다는 생각이 들었습니다. 
제가 카투사로 군 복무를 했는데 한국음식 좋아하는 미군 중에서 떡볶이를 좋아하는 경우는 거의 없었기 때문입니다. 
잡채나 불고기 군만두 짜장범벅... 머 이런 것들을 좋아하더군요. 

아무래도 농식품부가 번지수를 잘못 짚은 것 같아서 
전 세계에 퍼져있는 18명의 '독설닷컴 특파원'들에게 긴급 설문을 드렸습니다. 
'외국인들에게 진짜로 통하는 한국음식이 무엇이냐'라고요. 
그랬더니 다양한 답을 주셨습니다. 
(한국에 계신 트위터리안들도 주변 외국인의 취향을 메모해 주셨습니다.) 

일단 떡볶이는 아니었습니다. 
떡볶이를 좋아하는 외국인이 영 없는 것은 아니었지만 상당히 드물다는 것이었습니다. 
그리고 외국인들은 떡을 언제 삼켜야 되는지도 잘 모른다고. 
또 외국에서 대체할 수 있는 재료가 없다며 대부분 부정적인 의견을 내놓았습니다. 

그렇다면 외국인들이 진짜로 좋아하는 한국음식은 무엇일까요? 

다섯가지 정도가 꼽히더군요. 

잡채, 불고기/갈비, 비빔밥, 김밥, 닭요리 

잡채 - 동양인과 서양인 모두가 좋아하는 최고의 한국음식이었습니다. 다양하게 개발해볼 필요가 있을 것 같습니다. 
불고기/갈비 - 고기를 직접 구워먹는, 셀프 쉐프 문화가 잘 먹힌다고 했습니다. 
비빔밥 - 가장 간단한 음식 중 하나인데 의외로 잘 먹힌다고 했습니다. 웰빙식으로 인기를 끌 수 있을 것 같습니다. 
김밥 - 동양인들에게 인기가 좋았습니다. 서양인들은 '김' 자체를 싫어하는 경우가 많아서요. 
양념통닭/닭도리탕 - 한국식 닭요리도 인기가 좋았습니다. 매콤달콤하게 무친 양념통닭이나 얼큰하게 끓인 닭도리탕 모두 인기가 좋다고 합니다. 닭은 흔한 재료니까 승부를 걸어볼만 할 것 같습니다. 

요리라 하기에는 좀 뭐해서 빼놓았는데 '김치'를 꼽는 분들도 많았습니다. 
김치가 세계인의 식탁에 '매일' 오르는 그 날이 오기를 기대해 봅니다.  

트위터로 댓글 주신 분들의 의견을 긁어왔습니다. 
참고하시기 바랍니다. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ugly woman?

There are no ugly woman,only lazy ones.This is one real girl/woman fact that everyone should know.I always think that girls who used to blame themselves for not born with a beautiful physical should stop making excuses.One typical sentance I hate to hear the most from a girl's mouth is “I don't know how to make up lah, I'm so ugly :( ”

I know right,like I know how to make up when the first day I born.

I still remember the first time I ever do my own make up is when I was 13.I don't know how,I just saw a pretty girl picture online,I want to be like her,so I just borrow some cosmetics from my sister Jill,and just make up.The first time I make up I look totally horrible,eyeliner is so bold,my eyes actually became smaller.Then I started to play with mascara,begged my mom to get me the famous blue-white maybelline XXL mascara.

Jill gave me some of her cosmetics she never use anymore,I feel really lucky to have a sister like her.I started to get my own cosmetics after that by saving some pocket money.

After that I discovered the power of double eyelid and fake eyelashes.I went to buy eyelid tape and eyelid glue to create a bigger crease,and of course,boxes and boxes of fake eyelashes.

My make up get heavier,skin getting worst.I realize that skincare is actually really important too.Before that I only remove my make up using make up remover oil then cleanse my face,done.I never really know whats the use of toner,moisturizer and face mask.I remember my aunt gave me my very first Neutrogena hydrating face mask.

Super Junior′s Heechul Rants about Sasaeng Fans and Corrupt Taxi Drivers Before Deactivating Twitter

While one Super Junior was grateful for sasaeng fans, another was severely upset about them. 

On July 9, Super Junior’s Heechul took to his Twitter to confess the distress he felt over obsessive fans who chase him everywhere he goes. 

He tweeted, “Please don’t come in front of my house or the ward office. I thought that I got nicer as I turned 30, but I guess not. I still suffer from aftereffects from my car accident and it really frightens me that many times, I have to drive with my life at risk as if I’m being chased. You may be disappointed in me or believe that I’m arrogant, but I have only one life, so I can’t let it go. It’s my fault for not being understanding.”

Heechul then sent a message out to the taxi drivers who were driving these fans around, “Please don’t rip off foreign fans who don’t know any better. To take advantage of young people while smiling only makes you look like a gangster.”

He ended the long tweet with, “I hope that with these words as my last, no more victims will appear. I will live quietly for a year without tweeting. I’ll see you in a year. Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday.”

True to his words, Heechul closed down his account, showing how serious he was about the situation. 

Netizens who came across his message said, “He must have had a hard time with the sasaeng fans,” “Let’s leave him alone,” and “It’s great that he took time to scold the corrupt taxi drivers too.”

Heechul is currently serving at a public ward office, fulfilling his mandatory military services. 

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