Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ugly woman?

There are no ugly woman,only lazy ones.This is one real girl/woman fact that everyone should know.I always think that girls who used to blame themselves for not born with a beautiful physical should stop making excuses.One typical sentance I hate to hear the most from a girl's mouth is “I don't know how to make up lah, I'm so ugly :( ”

I know right,like I know how to make up when the first day I born.

I still remember the first time I ever do my own make up is when I was 13.I don't know how,I just saw a pretty girl picture online,I want to be like her,so I just borrow some cosmetics from my sister Jill,and just make up.The first time I make up I look totally horrible,eyeliner is so bold,my eyes actually became smaller.Then I started to play with mascara,begged my mom to get me the famous blue-white maybelline XXL mascara.

Jill gave me some of her cosmetics she never use anymore,I feel really lucky to have a sister like her.I started to get my own cosmetics after that by saving some pocket money.

After that I discovered the power of double eyelid and fake eyelashes.I went to buy eyelid tape and eyelid glue to create a bigger crease,and of course,boxes and boxes of fake eyelashes.

My make up get heavier,skin getting worst.I realize that skincare is actually really important too.Before that I only remove my make up using make up remover oil then cleanse my face,done.I never really know whats the use of toner,moisturizer and face mask.I remember my aunt gave me my very first Neutrogena hydrating face mask.

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