Monday, June 11, 2012

Where are you now?

Will you be there for me?
That's the question that i often asked myself when i was alone and lonely
Did everything happend because of myself or it was destined?

Most of the people in this world must be saying that i was crazy if they saw this~
A 17 years old girl will have this kind of trouble, well it wasn't anything to me anymore~
It was already a part in my life, been lonely and also been in a up side down life~
It doesn't matter much for me to keep it on but sometimes i was really tired with this kind of life~
A ordinary life or maybe an extraordinary life for others~

I never thought of getting more and more better in my own world~
Truly i say, i wasn't ready for everything that i going to face in the future or maybe in a while more~
Somtimes a human also need a rest other than sleeping~
You guys must be laughing right now an i right?
It was okay for me~

Is it a poison to listen to me even once?
Would it kill if you listen to me even once?
Will it really make you feel bad if you listen to me?
Is it because i was a girl a 17 years old girl~
An unmature gurl......

But in my opinion an unmuture girl is having a trouble will be a mature girl~
But in others eyes she will always be unmature because she wanted other to notice her~
Is it wrong to have other noticing me?
Is it awful?
Is it bad of painful to understand me?

Do you guys make friends with me because of my atitiude?
Or it is because of other reason that i myself doesn't know~!

It is up to you guys to think whatever you like~
But i tell you guys something, i am a girl that won't change myself for other people needs~

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