Monday, June 11, 2012

Every Girl Deserve This Once In A Life Time~

Maybe a lot of people might say that i am crazy over getting married but actually NO. When i listen to this song i'll always remember and forever stick it in my head about my family incident. Mostly, this song make me have the courage to get into a relationship again.
I want to have this song on my wedding. But i don't think i'll remember this song after a very long time. I am still a teenager. A girl that doesn't know anything and always been protected by my dad. I hope everything that came to me will stay permanently. Not only love, my study, my everything and mostly my family and also HIM.
I wanna look beautiful in white. Because my aunt say the moment when a girl look obviously beautiful is when she wore her weeding dress and married to someone who she love so much. I hope i can find someone who will love me truly in the future not because i have wealth or my appearance but because he wan to live this life with me.
P/S: To all girls this is a comment i get from a reader
It made me cry.. I never wanted to get married but it made me realize how blessed I would be if that happens by Ssejea 
I'm gonna be in white :D by MrLoveVio

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