Saturday, May 5, 2012


This seems to be the main problem for a lot of people (including myself) when it comes to joining a fancafe, so I’ve put something together that will hopefully help some people out!

1. Go to

You’ll notice under the Daum logo there is a login box

2. Click 회원가입 which I have shown here:

3. Select the fourth choice on the next page shown here

4. Check the two boxes under the scrollboxes on the next page, you are essentially agreeing to the above terms and conditions by doing so.

5. Fill in these sections with this information

When you are inputting your email address in the box, check that the ending ( etc) to it is not in the list. If not, just keep the hangul there and input the ending of the email address into the box after the @ symbol.

After this you will do a security check of inputting the letters you see. You will then receive an email from Daum with a confirmation number. A box will appear after the email is sent and all you need to do there is copy and paste the number into the box that appears. (I sadly cannot show this part as I’m registered already).

After that just click the blue box and you should be registered for daum now! If I have missed any steps to the Daum registration then please let me know and I’ll add that in!

Hope this helps some people and please don’t be afraid to ask for help :)

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